In order to know the difference between dune buggies and go karts, you need to know what are exactly are they. A dune buggy is a vehicle which has wide and huge tires to roll on sand dunes or sea beaches. It is mostly used for recreational purposes. A go kart is also a recreational vehicle which can move on special racing tracks. Several cubs and amusement parks have these go karts for enjoyment.

The biggest difference is that a dune buggy can be used for diverse purposes but a go kart happens to be restricted its racing tacks. A dune buggy is also used for exploring a desert or a sea. You also get to see the military use these buggies for patrolling. But a go kart will not be seen like this.

Then a go kart is light weighted vehicle in comparison to a dune buggy. It is smaller and compact vehicle in comparison to a buggy. These vehicles need to be used with care on the tracks. It is advised that a professional should ride it. But it can be used for rejuvenation by novices as well. A word of caution to them would be “do not forget your safety gear!”

Nevertheless you should not forget that a dune buggy is much safer to ride on other than a go kart. The risks involved in a go karting are more than the ones in a buggy ride. A buggy ride is not that dangerous provided you ride it slow and steady. Of course you need to ride any vehicle safely but dune buggy is a safer option.

The difference between dune buggies and go karts is simply in the point of suspension! Yes a go kart will never have one. Hence the torque of the vehicle is on the chassis which has a centrifugal force that lifts the tire a little. Whereas in a dune buggy the size if the engine depends on a suspension. Then they have manual as well as automatic transmissions which give you additional facilities.

At times the difference between the two kinds of vehicles lies only in their tires. However the similarity lies in the fact they are used for a thrill in more than obvious reasons. Yet the difference between dune buggies and go karts is something that goes beyond the similarities of its kinds.


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