Nowadays, quite a few concerns exist about particular ties, and the perfect type for your car should be decided . When most people think about low profile tires, they think about tires that will help their vehicles to look even more cool, slick and sporty than before. But because most people don’t have the faintest idea of what “low profile” truly means, it might not be the best kind of tire for their type of vehicle. You should not base your choice in tires solely on the question of if they look good.

A low profile tire may look better than a high profile tire, but what about safety? High profile tires are higher up than the low profile tires we were discussing earlier. However, at 75mph speeds on an open highway, you want to have safer and stronger tires, instead of what will look better. After all, they are the only thing separating your car from the ground. If you are planning on speeding down the highway, it will do you much more good to have high quality tires.

For the most part, you have to figure out the amount of grip your tires will deal with to keep you on the road. When comparing high and low profile tires, the high profile has a longer contact path and the low a shorter one. What can this possibly translate to for your own driving experience, as you pick your tires?

You have to consider quite a few factors as you contemplate the tire you want to go with. Your vehicle will handle differently with different types of tires. Wider tires on an automobile focus on force. The higher tires inhibit the turning radius, and are poorly developed to handle side load.

Another thing to think about with regard to force is that most of the space that makes up the diameter of the rim and the tire is taken up by rubber. What this translates to is the ability to have a much larger tire on your vehicle. There are a lot of other things to consider before you go with a larger tire. With the implementation of larger rims and tires, you must have heavier breaks. You will need much more stopping power in order to command these larger tires in order to improve the safety of your vehicle.

Also, wheels like this carry their own bad points as well. For example, if the original design of your vehicle was built for a narrower tire, your car very likely won’t be very safe or stable if you put low profile tires on it. If your car has shorter sidewalls, you don’t want to invest in wider tires on these cars. This bumpy ride isn’t just headache and spine inducing pain for yourself and your passengers, but it is hard on your vehicle as well.

If you are considering low profile tires because of a desire to improve the vehicle handling, think again, you can still get a quality response by taking into account your entire vehicle. Low profile tires were designed with specific roads in mind, the roadways we typically use do not require these type of tires. However, in the event that you live in a location that has a lot of winding roads, you may need to invest a bit in low profile tires for your car.

Daniel Akinson is a former mechanic and self-proclaimed gear-head. To learn more about dunlop atv tires and mud tires for sale be sure to visit us at MudKingTires.


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